• Diploma Pathways

    Students enrolled in South Carolina high schools shall have the opportunity to earn graduation Seals of Distinction within each high school diploma pathway that identifies a particular area of focus, beginning with students entering the ninth grade during 2018–19 school year.

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     HCS Honors Certificate of Recognition (must meet ALL of the following, not valid after the 2020 - 2021 school year)

    •  GPA = or > 4.0
    • Sat V + M > 1000 or ACT Composite > 22
    • Five or more math courses
    • Four or more credit bearing science courses
    • Three or more courses at the AP, IB, or Dual Credit level. Two of the three must be at the AP or IB level.
    • Three or more courses in the same foreign language or four courses in two different foreign languages.
    • At least 28 high school credits
    • Show evidence of participation in at least one school-sponsored organization during grades 10-12 or complete 50 hours of approved community service during high school years


    South Carolina Academic Achievement Honors Award 

    • complete twenty-four units of credit as prescribed meet the standard on all subtests of the Exit Examination;
    • receive a minimum grade of “B” for each semester course in grades 9–12 through the seventh semester;
    • achieve either a score of 710 or higher on the SAT
      verbal, a score of 690 or higher on the SAT mathematics, a score of 30 or higher on the ACT English, or a score of 33 or higher on the ACT mathematics;


    • each student shall have completed twenty-four units of high school credit;
    • be eligible for graduation with a state high school
      diploma; and
    • have a combined score of 1400 on the SAT verbal and
      math sections, or an ACT composite score of 31.

    *Of the twenty-four units earned, eighteen units must be college preparatory coursework, four units in additional electives, and two units in one or more of the following: English, science, social studies, or mathematics.