• Hybrid Instructional Model 

    HCS is looking at the below three scenarios this fall to ensure the safety of our students and employees.

  • 1 - Low Spread


    Full-Time Face-to-Face Instruction

    • Students will participate in a full-time face-to-face traditional model of
    instruction (five days a week).

  • 2 - Medium Spread


    Limited Face-to-Face Instruction

    • Students will participate in a combination of face-to-face and distance learning while practicing enhanced safety and health precautions.

    • Students will attend in-school face-to-face sessions 2-days a week on assigned days and engage in distance learning on others.

    • Students will be placed into groups: Group A, Group B, and *Group G. By dividing students into groups, fewer students will be attending school on a given day, and social distancing can be maintained in the classroom and throughout the school.

  • 3 - High Spread


    Full-Time Distance Learning

    • Students will participate in full-time distance learning.

    • Students’ assigned teachers will provide instruction and assignments through a district-supported learning system (i.e., Google Classroom, and/or Seesaw) and communicate through digital tools.

    • Students will be required to attend virtual class sessions on a regular basis and may be required to view instructional videos or join streaming class sessions during the week.

  • Five-day Hybrid Instructional Model Schedule

  • *Students in Group G are special populations that have been identified as needing additional instructional support.

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