• Google Classroom is being utilized in every Black Water Middle School classroom to create consistency in this school year. This page is intended to be a guide for parents and students to learn more about Google Classroom. HCS students must be logged into their g.horrycountyschools accounts to access all items in their school Google suites. If you get an error message, a very common problem is that the student has logged in with their personal gmail accounts. If you have questions about a specific teacher's google classroom, send them an email. If you have a general question about Google Classroom, you can email Ms. Ritchie at mritchie@horrycountyschools.net

    For students struggling to navigate classwork assignments in Google Classroom during virtual learning days, here is a video that walks you through the basic steps of submitting. 


    It is possible for parents to receive daily or weekly summaries from your child's Google Classrooms. *You can sign up with any email address HOWEVER you need a gmail email to be able to change your settings later on. So if you DO NOT use a gmail account, then you will not be able to switch between daily and weekly summaries.*

    This link shows you everything that is included in the Classroom summaries. If you would like to be connected, you should email one of your student's teachers and include the email you want to use for the summaries.