• St. James High School

    Duties and Responsibilities


    Updated - June 2023


    Ryan Poston - Principal


      Department Chairs

      Administrative Team

      Front Office


      Department Chairs

      Assistant Principals

      Christina Carr

      Wynnette Smith

      Brett Mahaffey

      Collin Liggett



      Guidance Contact


      Morning Duty

      Front door

      Afternoon Duty



      General supervision of front office personnel

      Supervision of the bookkeeper and school             

      Personnel decisions

      Graduation rate

      Master scheduling

      Student Government

      Academic Fair

      Meet with Department Chairs

      Meet with Shark Tank

      Parent and Booster organizations

      Advisory program


    NaTasha Best - Assistant Principal


    Performing Arts





    Media Center


    Performing Arts


    Guidance and Reagan


    Media - Williams, Myers

    Cafeteria with Altedonna


    3rd lunch

    Guidance Contact


    Morning Duty

    PACE search

    Afternoon Duty

    Bus lot


    504 Coordinator


    “Grad Pack”




    Fundraising approval


    Erin’s Law

    School renewal and accreditation reports and updates

    Liaison for Herff Jones (class rings and graduation supplies)


    Lindsay Lewis - Assistant Principal


    Special Education - Resource, Math


    Sped - Resource, Math

    Resource Paraprofessionals (3) - Moody, Augustine, Coss

    English/Math Interventionist - Wright

    Data Quality - Annunziato


    1st Lunch

    Guidance Contact


    Morning Duty

    Student Drop Off Door

    Afternoon Duty

    Parent Pick Up - Back Door


    Resource IEPs

    Coordinate student activities (e.g prom, outings, etc.)

    “Grad Pack”

    Administrative CWT schedule

    Student handbook

    Freshman Orientation

    Awards coordinator (TOY, SSOY, RTOY)

    Prom Committee member

    Fins-Up Committee

    Female sexual harrassment contact

    Bullying Plan


    Angie McCune - Assistant Principal


    Visual Arts

    Special Education - Self-Contained

    World Language


    Sped Self-Contained 

    World Language

    Visual Arts 

    Self-Contained Paraprofessionals (11)

    Wendy Guthy

    Graduation Coach – Alex Rombardo

    Job Coach - Becky Freeman


    2nd Lunch

    Guidance Contact


    Morning Duty

    Student parking lot door

    Afternoon Duty



    Self-Contained IEPs


    Attendance Backup

    Work-based Learning

    “Grad Pack”

    Graduation (January/June/Summer)

    Evaluation Schedule



    Homebound/Home-Based Coordinator

    Coastal Autism Academy Liaison

    Master Scheduling with Ross & Mahaffey

    OCR Reporting with Best

    School renewal and accreditation reports and updates


    Daniel Godfree - Assistant Principal


    Social Studies

    Career & Technical Education 


    Social Studies

    Career & Technical Education




    4th Lunch

    Guidance Contact


    Morning Duty

    Student parking lot outside

    Afternoon Duty

    Student parking lot outside


    Discipline Incident Management/Review 360

    Security drill scheduling and coordination

    State Validation Reports



    Shark Tank

    Administrator athletic duties

    Teacher duty assignments

    Male sexual harassment contact

    School Emergency Management Plan

    Voter Registration

    Sean Hosfield - Assistant Principal



    Physical Education




    Physical Education


    Maxwell - Custodians

    Attendance - Zirkelbach

    Technology - Wood and Mention

    Front Desk - Connolly


    3rd lunch

    Guidance Contact


    Morning Duty

    Student Drop-Off Door

    Afternoon Duty




    Discipline Backup


    Facility rentals

    Field trips




    Faculty handbook

    Behavior Rep

    Brett Mahaffey - Instructional Coach

    Curriculum Team chair

    Graduation rate committee member

    Professional development plans, budgeting, and scheduling

    Master scheduling

    SCTS evaluation support and training

    New teacher orientation and New Teacher Academy

    Program of Studies website

    Secondary Program Guide

    Making Schools Work coordinator

    Advanced Placement coordinator

    Gifted and Talented contact and coding

    Recertification contact

    Read to Succeed coordinator

    School renewal plans

    EOC, AP, SAT/ACT preparation and planning

    STEM/PLTW contact

    CTE testing coordinator

    Common Assessment coordinator

    MAP testing coordinator

    School survey coordinator

    State Report Card - data collections, surveys, and reporting

    SIC reporting

    PowerTeacher Gradebook contact

    SOAR Academy liaison

    Digital content provider contact

    Bell schedules

    Lunch schedules

    Planning schedules

    Monthly curriculum and instruction newsletter

    Shark Data Board

    CWT setup, training, and reporting

    Prom Committee member


    Collin Liggett - Athletic Director

    Athletic scheduling

    Athletic security

    Athletic Booster Club contact

    Supervise Assistant Athletic Director

    Evaluate Athletic Trainers 

    Activity busses


    Cafeteria duty - daily floater

    Plan pep rallies

    Morning duty - Front entrance before school

    Mid day duty - PACE metal detector

    Class change duty - Five Points


    Caroline Ross - Director of Guidance

    Guidance duties, supervision, scheduling, and evaluations

    School testing coordinator

    Special Education Guidance caseload

    Coastal Autism Academy contact

    Program of Studies website

    Secondary Program Guide

    Gradebook reports - last update, category usage

    Master scheduling

    Curriculum team member

    Meet with new students and parents/guardians

    Guidance office and hallway decoration


    Kat Reagan - Registrar

    Maintain student permanent records

    Student enrollments and withdraws

    Process transfer requests

    Maintain graduation rate records

    Maintain online registration programs

    Meet with new students and parents/guardians

    Assist with Need My Transcript requests 

    Provide bus notes to new students

    McKinney Vento liaison

    Foster care liaison

    Admin Secretary for Cutright

    InfoSnap and registration

    Welcome desk backup 4

    Lunch break for ISS 


    Wendy Guthy - Guidance Secretary

    Maintaining cumulative folders 

    Sharing employment/volunteer opportunities to students and faculty 

    Receive and route all incoming guidance calls

    Admin secretary for Ross

    Homebound/HomeBased coordinator

    Distribute senior info card to advisory

    Distribute and collect January graduate check out forms

    Schedule appointments for counselors including IGPs

    Send out IGP schedule to faculty weekly

    Assist with Need My Transcript requests 

    Provide bus notes to new students

    Welcome desk backup 4

    Attendance Assist

    Perform other general office duties and clerical tasks as directed by the Guidance Director


    Donna Annunziato - Data Quality Clerk

    PowerSchool - Data Entry

    Bell system

    District & state reporting

    Gifted and Talented coding and audits

    CTE coding

    Registration/Infosnap w/ Reagan

    Tardy machine backup 1

    Verify and store grades

    Attendance support

    Front desk before school

    Transfer verification to the district office

    Welcome Desk break in pm

    Welcome Desk backup 3 

    Admin Secretary for Lewis

    Duties as requested by the administration


    Christina Carr - Bookkeeper

    Manage school finances with Principal

    Manage Time Clock Plus (time clocks)

    Time reports for staff

    SmartFind - staff and substitutes 

    Telephones during school (backup)/Telephone extension moves (summer)

    Blackboard School callouts

    Bell system backup 1

    Sub scheduling backup 1


    Travel tracker-Field trip approvals

    HR/payroll for school level

    Workers Comp

    HCS Portal-Travel in and out of district

    Leave request

    Textbooks with assistant principal

    Arbiter with AD

    Hometown ticketing-School events

    My Payments Plus

    School Dude -Air for rental events

    InfoSnap with regards to fees

    Assist w/ Copiers


    DeAnna Zirkelbach - Attendance Clerk

    Attendance data entry

    Attendance Blackboard call-outs and letters to parents

    Weekly and monthly attendance reports

    Daily teacher attendance reports to administration

    Attendance Intervention Plans 

    Attendance recovery coding

    Admin secretary for Hosfield

    Tardy system

    Homebound checkouts backup 1

    Work with guidance to identify and address at-risk students

    Monthly reports to the district office

    Duties as requested by the administration


    Wynnette Smith - Principal or School Secretary

    Admin Secretary for Poston

    Office director

    Parking passes

    Birthday Cards

    Weekly Blackboard Call

    Digital Sign Update

    Building keys/Alarm codes

    School functions 

    Welcome desk morning break

    Weekly and master calendar of events and facilities usage

    Weekly “Shark Happenings” email/Newsletter

    Aquarium maintenance 

    PTSO contact

    Communicator w/ DO for events and celebrations

    Nurse backup 1

    Welcome Desk Backup 2

    Substitutes Backup 2

    Attendance Support

    Phone extension list/phone emergency tree

    Security list

    Club updates and posters

    Front office backup flowcharts for office staff absences

    Support staff assignments during summer hours

    End-of-year checklist

    Duties as requested by the administration


    Katie Haggerty - Administrative Secretary

    Switchboard Operator

    Substitute coordinator-check subs in and out

    Daily Teacher coverage schedule 

    Record additional hours worked/classes covered by teachers

    Answer and direct phone calls 1

    Admin Secretary for McCune



    Discipline Mailings

    Nurse backup 2


    W. Smith Backup 1

    Welcome Desk daily lunch break

    Welcome Desk Backup 1

    Duties as requested by administration

    Fixed asset inventory lists


    Yeevonne Connolly - Welcome Desk

    Switchboard Operator

    Operate secure front doors

    Student and visitor sign-in and sign-outs

    Operate front door cameras

    Digital sign updates - Backup

    Maintain Wall of Fame and Student/Teacher of the Month boards

    Liaison for program schools

    Bus transportation for school events for program schools

    Pep rally notification - feeder and program schools

    Attendance note scanning

    Tardy check-ins as needed

    Duties as requested by administration


    - ISS

    ISS/OSS coding 

    Tardy coding 

    Communication with discipline committee

    Duties as requested by the administration


    Managers and Supervisors

    Maintenance/Custodial – Adam Maxwell

    Cafeteria/Food Services - Heather Altodonna


    Department Chairs & Subject Area Leads

    English Language Arts – 

    Mathematics - Amy Marsh

    Science - Tyler Cook

    Social Studies - Amanda Donner

    CTE - Jeanna Johnson

    World Languages - Karla Lopez

    Performing Arts - Angela Howard

    Visual Arts - Beth Mitchell

    Physical Education - Jacob Scheuer

    JROTC - Lt. Col. Scott Bartley

    Special Education - Resource - Kim Nevers; Asst. Chair – Richard Effinger

    Special Education - Self-Contained - Tara Watts; Asst. Chair – Emily Scheffler

    English I – 

    English II – 

    English III – 

    English IV – 

    Algebra I – 

    Geometry – 

    Algebra II – 

    Pre-Calculus – 

    Biology – 

    Chemistry – 

    Physical Science – 

    World History – 

    US History – 

    Government & Economics – 



    Continuous Improvement Team Chairs

    Shark Tank –

    Accountability – 

    Advisory – 

    At-Risk – 

    Calendar & Communication – 

    Campus Beautification – 

    Behavior Intervention (Discipline) – 

    Fins Up (Faculty Events) – 

    Parent Involvement – 

    Professional Development – 

    Recognitions – 

    Transition (Pre & Post) – 

    Welcome – 



    Additional Duties/Responsibilities

    Erin Turman

    Student Council

    Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy


    Prom Committee member

    Jeanna Johnson

    Graduation program

    Social events coordinator

    CTE completer reports

    CTE grants and budgeting

    SJMS Academic Fair

    Tara Watts

    Kim Nevers

    Special Education caseload management

    Testing accommodations

    IEP Meeting coordinators

    Hank Wortley

    Discipline Committee lead

    Graduation committee member

    At-Risk committee

    Kelly Danford

    Junior Marshalls

    Graduation committee member

    Tracina Schmaus

    Junior class ring ceremony

    Kristen Crews

    Paul Hudacko

    Senior trips coordinators

    Senior picnic coordinators. 

    Karen Collins

    National Honor Society Sponsor