• Students -- Remember to check and view your email regularly!  Some of you have over 2000 unopened emails.  You can't possibly know what's going on in and around your school and in your classrooms if you are not reading your emails!


    Google Meet is really having issues and is locking up student laptops.  The District Technology Group is aware and Google is addressing the issue.  Please be aware that this is a Google issue and not your laptop.  If your laptop does freeze up, hold the power button until the screen goes black.  After that, log back in and clear the Chrome Browser cache (Instructions are below).


    Below are some problem areas we are experiencing with your student laptops. (In most cases, it will not be the charger or battery) ….  “As we are noting”  a majority of laptops are not being charged properly or are being charged inadequately. Below are some helpful procedures we currently need your assistance with:

    • Please, Always power completely off when laptops are not in use… (Closing the lid does not power down the laptop, it sleeps, and continues to run.) Laptops need to be restarted daily to register any updates. This will increase your laptop performance.
    • A laptop falling below 70% battery power will start to slow down, lag, and/or freeze-up. You may begin losing mic/video, headset usage, WIFI, and/or sound if your battery power is around 30% or less. Thus, your laptop has entered the power save mode. Keep it charged.
    • Please use a “3 prong” headset plugs. Earplugs or headsets without mics.
    • Please reframe from downloading any games, or apps without HCS district consent.
    • Keep unwanted or unused Google Chrome “Tabs” closed, if not needed. This will slow your laptop down if too many tabs are opened. (Try not to exceed 5 open tabs at any given time.)
    • Clearing Google Chrome cache weekly. Instructions below:




    When finished, close your Google Chrome browser and restart your laptop.