• Updated 10/27/2020

    In order to provide stakeholders with a local datapoint in addition to the SCDHEC Disease Activity by County report, the District built the Horry County Schools COVID-19 Case Dashboard to report the number of SCDHEC-confirmed COVID-19 positive test results for both students and staff members, according to their physical school or work locations.

    SCDHEC-confirmed positive test results for students and staff members reported to each school’s nurse are entered into this dashboard and are verified and maintained by the Office of the HCS Director of Health Services. Additionally, the dashboard reports the number of staff members who are currently quarantined because they were identified as close contacts of an individual who received a SCDHEC-confirmed COVID-19 positive test result or because they are experiencing flu-like symptoms. According to SCDHEC, individuals identified as a close contact are required to quarantine for 14 days. (Note: students quarantined due to close contacts are not reported on the dashboard for three reasons: 1) quarantined students do not prevent face-to-face operations of schools via the hybrid model, 2) due to the hybrid model’s schedule of two days per week of face-to-face instruction, a school nurse may not be able to confirm a quarantined student’s return status until the following week, and thus 3) accurately reporting student quarantines five days per week is not possible when students physically attend school for only two days per week.)

    These staff member quarantine data assist the District in making decisions regarding the operations of the hybrid model at brick-and-mortar schools. If a significant number of staff members are quarantined at an individual school, that individual school may be required to utilize full-time distance learning for students until quarantine numbers for staff members decline.

    To provide users with both current and historical perspectives on school-level COVID-19 data, the dashboard was originally designed to report current/active positive cases for students and staff members over a span of 7 calendar days. This information was reported in the same manner as the CDC COVID Data Tracker. After 7 calendar days elapsed, current/active positive cases were then moved to historical status. Although these positive cases were moved at the end of 7 calendar days to historical status for reporting purposes, students and employees with SCDHEC-confirmed positive test results remained in quarantine and were not permitted to return to school/work until their 10-day quarantine ends (or until symptoms are no longer exhibited). According to SCDHEC, individuals who have a SCDHEC-confirmed COVID-19 positive test result are required to quarantine for 10 days or until symptoms are no longer exhibited.

    At its regular meeting on Monday, October 19, 2020, the Horry County Board of Education requested that the HCS administration modify the Horry County Schools COVID-19 Case Dashboard so that current/active positive cases continue to be reported as current/active cases until the students or employees have completed their 10-day quarantine or are cleared to return to school.

    Effective Tuesday, October 27, 2020, this modification for reporting historical cases will go into effect for the Horry County Schools COVID-19 Case Dashboard. As a part of this change in reporting methodology, all prior recorded data for staff and students, starting with September 8, 2020, the first day of school, were reviewed, verified, and reported in the dashboard according to the new time frame. 

    Using this new time frame, some individuals will remain in the current/active case count longer due to increasing the reporting span from 7 to 10 calendar days. (Note: if a student or employee who received a SCDHEC-confirmed positive test result continues to present COVID-19 symptoms at the end of his/her 10-day quarantine, this individual must remain excluded and will show as an active case on the dashboard until these symptoms are no longer exhibited. Therefore, some individuals may remain in the current/active case count longer than others.)

    Questions about the Horry County Schools COVID-19 Case Dashboard? Email dashboard@horrycountyschools.net. 

  • HCS Dashboard | COVID-19 Cases by School
  • SCDHEC Dashboard | COVID-19 Cases By School
  •  *The data reported on the HCS dashboard is compiled and updated daily at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. by Horry County Schools.

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