• Please remember to forward a copy of your scholarship award letters and college acceptance letters to your school counselor. This includes all the scholarships you have been offered (even if you do not intend to accept the scholarship from that college or university).     IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR TOTAL EARNINGS. THANK YOU!

    Beware of Scholarship Scams

    Scam Warning Signs:

    • You have to pay a fee.
    • Money-Back Guarantee
    • Credit Card/Bank Account Information Required
    • Offers Exclusive Information

    Common Scams:

    • Phony Scholarship - promises cash if you pay a registration fee
    • Phony Scholarship Matching Service - pay a fee and they guarantee you will win awards
    • Phony Educational Loan - pay a fee and receive a low interest loan
    • Phony Financial Aid Seminar - a high pressure, poorly concealed sales pitch
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