•  Goal Setting

    Goal setting can be compared to taking a trip.  Before you decide what route to take, you must first know where you want to go.  Whether establishing goals for school, family, or your personal life, there are four important steps:

    1.  Establish what you want to achieve

    Set an objective within your reach.  One person might want to make the varsity cross country team, whereas someone else might have a goal of winning the state championships.

    Be specific, but be prepared to adjust your target.  You might start the semester with the goal of getting an "A" in geometry, but then come to realize a "B" might be more realistic.  Additionally, it is better to say you want to study for two hours per day than just to say you want to study more.

    2.  Determine what to do to achieve the goal.

    Achieving your goals takes work.  Determine what and how much work needs to be done to achieve the goal.

    3.  Write down your goal.

    Writing down your goal helps you accomplish them!  Continuously evaluate how you are doing and see how much work is left to accomplish your goal.  If your objective is no longer attainable, re-evaluate what you can achieve. 

    4.  Set a new goal. 

    If you reached your goal, congratulations!!!  Form a habit of becoming goal-oriented.  You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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