• Attendance

    Consistent school attendance is critical for student achievement.  If students are not present, they cannot benefit from classroom instruction.  State attendance laws require student attendance for course credit and grade-level promotion.  

    To be promoted to the next grade and/or receive credit for high school courses, students may not be absent from school or class for more than ten (10) days for yearlong courses, or five (5) days for semester courses, unless the absences are excused by a medical doctor's written statement or principal's approval.

    Students are considered truant after three (3) consecutive or five (5) cumulative days of absence not excused by a medical doctor's written statement, proof of bereavement, or principal's approval.

    An Attendance Intervention Plan (AIP) for truancy will be developed by the school/district and become part of a student's discipline record.  These records will remain with a student until graduation from Horry County Schools.  The AIP will help to establish goals for regular attendance and will be monitored to ensure compliance.  Non-compliance with the plan may result in legal proceedings through Family Court.


    Please contact Mrs. Naureen Watkins with any questions or concerns regarding Attendance.  (843) 650-5543 or nwatkins@horrycountyschools.net


     ? ? ?   FAQS   ? ? ?

    What if I arrive at school late?

    If you arrive at school after 8:10 am, you must enter through the front office so that you will be marked present.  The attendance secretary will give you a class admittance slip.


    What if I have an appointment and need to be picked up early?

    Bring in a note, signed by your parent/guardian, to the front office as soon as you arrive at school.  The note should state why you are leaving early and what time you will be leaving.  You will be issued an Early Dismissal Permit, which will tell you and your teacher when you should report to the front office.  All students must be signed out by a parent or legal guardian.