ALL community service hours AND log forms for the 2020-2021 school year are due to be completed no later than APRIL 30, 2021


    FOOD PANTRY - Shepherd of the Sea Lutheran Church in Garden City needs volunteers to help bag grocery orders for the clients of their USDA-affiliated food pantry on Tuesday evenings from 5:30pm - 7:00pm. We have many safety protocols in place to protect our volunteers, including requiring face masks at all times. Clients will fill out an order for food while in the parking lot and volunteers will fill the bags in the building. Then the bags will be delivered to the sidewalk in the parking lot. If you have questions about this service opportunity, feel free to email Gracie Bellah at LolaBellah@g.horrycountyschools.net and to volunteer, contact Danielle Johnson at 843-651-7377 or plc.shepcluth@gmail.com.

    TUTORING ASSISTANCE - The Creative Writing Club is editing essays this year for a community service project. We'll help students revise them for grammar and syntax, and offer general editing suggestions to make writing flow more clearly. This opportunity is open to all students, and anyone interested should contact nicoleward@g.horrycountyschools.net.  

    All teachers are providing tutoring assistance and there is FREE assistance from other students who are using tutoring time for Community Service hours. If you need tutoring in any subject (SA or CCU) please email Mr. McQueen at nmcqueen@horrycountyschools.net to be placed in touch with students willing to assist.

    LUV MICHAEL ORGANIZATION - Are you interested in earning 40 volunteer hours virtually?  We are working with Luv Michael, a non-profit organization that advocates for adults with autism and autism acceptance.  Luv Michael has developed a 100% virtual volunteer program, where students can earn 40 hours of community service for completing approximately 2 weeks of service advocating for adults with autism using digital platforms.  At the conclusion of the virtual volunteer experience, students will be awarded a certificate of completion for their 40 hours of community service.  And, students have the option to continue volunteering with Luv Michael where they can earn the President's National Service Award, a nationally recognized award for outstanding volunteerism.

    How do I sign up?  If you are interested in earning 40 hours of virtual volunteer community service hours and a certificate, please review the following information:

    How to become a Volunteer for Luv Michael

    Luv Michael's Volunteer Toolkit


    CAROLINA WATERMAN - The Carolina Waterman Community Service Program is for members of the community in need of documented community service hours.  The opportunities provided currently occur by request only and are based on staff availability.  This is a FREE program.

    How do I sign up?  If you are interested in earning volunteer community service hours, please review the following information:

    How to become a Volunteer for Carolina Waterman

     Form CS20-40 - Litter Clean Up

     Form CS20-30 - Wildlife Sighting

    You may also refer to your weekly annoucements for any current community service opportunities.

    March 2021 community service log forms are due by WEDNESDAY, March 31, 2021 at 3:30 pm. Any community service hours completed after March 31st should be recorded on your April 2021 community service log form.


    Community Service Log forms are to be completed by the student AND be APPROVED by the supervisor/sponsor of the volunteer service activity.  

    You MUST include the following information on your community service log form:

    1. your name
    2. your grade
    3. the month of service
    4. the number of hours you volunteered
    5. the sponsor/supervisor’s name AND contact information
    6. a description of the service(s) you performed/provided

    All information on the community service log form must be legible in order to receive credit. 




    All students enrolled at Scholars Academy High School must complete 24 hours of community service each school year.  All community service hours must be non-profit in nature.  Students may NOT be paid for any community service hours/activities.

    At least one-half of the required community service hours should be completed in the Horry County area.  Hours completed during a school holiday or at the end of any month may be listed and submitted on the next month’s completed form.  No more than 12 hours of community service will be recorded for SUMMER prior to the beginning of each school year.  Summer hours MUST be submitted by the last school day of August.

    ALL completed community service log forms in the current school year (2020-2021) are due no later than the last school day of APRIL - 4/30/2021!

    Community Service activities are defined as those activities that provide a benefit to the community.  Any community service activities that are NOT on the approved list below MUST be submitted for prior approval by Guidance or the Principal.  Also, Voluntary Activity Agreements are available from Guidance if an agency or event requests a release and waiver to obtain approval for a non-profit community service opportunity.

    Activities that typically WILL be approved as community service hours are the following:

    • Any activity that is posted/announced by Scholars Academy High School requesting volunteers
    • City, county, community, or church sponsored events, trips, and activities
    • Activities completed for Scholars Academy High School during after-school hours, such as open house, recruitment visits, parent programs, or approved student tutoring

    Activities that typically WILL NOT be approved as community service hours are the following:

    • Any activities performed for family members
    • Babysitting, unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e.: providing respite for parents for a special-needs child and this MUST be submitted for prior approval by Guidance or the Principal)
    • Regular club activities-meetings, conferences, etc. (Club community service activities will count)
    • Activities (i.e.: filing, answering phones, stocking) performed at a business that is not considered a charity or non-profit
    • Yardwork, unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e.: providing services for an elderly or handicapped person and this MUST be submitted for prior approval by Guidance or the Principal)
    • Activities such as a theater production, concerts, athletic events (unless on the approved list)
    • Donations such as food drives, clothing, household articles, or monetary donations are not approved as community service hours

    Scholars Academy High School will forward information regarding any/all approved community service activities with the weekly announcement email notices.  Please read the announcements carefully for possible opportunities to earn community service hours.

    Community Service hours are most beneficial for the student if they are related to a student’s hobby, personal interests, intended college major, or possible future career.  Enjoy your community service volunteer hours as you participate in lifelong learning through active participation in community service activities that increase an awareness of needs in our society and build a connection between the classroom and the “real world” issues of our community.

    Thank you!

     Completed community service log forms for each month may be submitted to the front desk, the Guidance office or to Ms. Bennett at sbennett002@horrycountyschools.net by the last school day of each month.

     Community Service Hours Log Form