Semester Change
  • HCS Second-Semester School Options

    The information below is for parents/guardians requesting their child change from either K-12 HCS Virtual to Brick-and-Mortar or Brick-and-Mortar to K-12 HCS Virtual. No action is required if your child plans to remain in their current instructional model.

Important Information for All Parents to Consider When Making Your Decision

    • All decisions are final. Once submitted, you cannot change your decision.  This change will be a semester commitment until June 2021.  If you have any questions, your student’s guidance counselor is available. 
    • HCS will continue to follow our current health mitigation strategies in our brick-and-mortar setting, as recommended by public health experts and officials. 
    • HCS is working expeditiously to install plexiglass in all classrooms. As per SCDHEC recommendations, this will allow student spacing of three feet apart. This additional mitigation effort will allow us to bring more students back into the classroom and increase our face-to-face instruction from 2-days a week to 5-days a week. While the use of plexiglass will reduce social distancing requirements from six to three feet, masks/face coverings will still be required in all areas of the school. Therefore, students will be required to wear masks/face coverings in classrooms when less than six feet apart.  We will begin installation at the elementary schools first and then move to middle schools and onto high schools. We are hoping to have all elementary schools completed by December 23, 2020. A date on when 5-days a week face-to-face instruction will begin has not yet been determined; however, parents will receive at the minimum a five days notice of this change. 
    • Students and staff will follow the most current face-covering recommendations per SCDHEC.
    • Staffing decisions are dependent upon student enrollment.  We will align our staff to match any adjustments that may be necessary.
    • Students who change to the brick-and-mortar instructional setting will be placed in either an existing class or a newly created class, depending upon the number of requests at the grade level/course and capacity in that school. 
    • Our goal is to keep as many students with their teacher(s) in their current setting (virtual and brick-and-mortar) to provide as much stability as possible.  However, we cannot guarantee that a teacher will move or remain with a particular group of students, as it is impossible to predict how many change requests will be submitted. 
    • It may be necessary for a student's Cohort (Group A or Group B) to change for second semester. 
    • Parents and guardians, please make sure your email address in PowerSchool is current and valid.  If you need to make a change to your email address, you should contact the Data Quality Clerk at your child's base school. 


  • K-12 HCS Virtual to Brick-and-Mortar

  • Brick-and-Mortar to K-12 HCS Virtual