Myrtle Beach High Tardy Policy

  • Tardies are assigned block by block.  If students are more than 10 minutes late without a tardy tank pass, then they are considered to be skipping class. 

     Searches will be conducted every morning beginning at 7:45 AM. Searches will not be considered as an excuse for being tardy to class.

    Any student late to class during any block must visit the tardy tank on A Hall near the guidance department. He/she will be given a tardy pass and permitted to class. 

     Students who arrive tardy after 8:20 with an outside food/beverage purchased from a restaurant, cafe, etc. such as Starbucks or McDonalds, will have it confiscated. It may be picked up by the parent. 


    • 1st Offense – Tardy Tank warning 
    • 2nd Offense – Administrative Warning 
    • 3rd Offense – Lunch Detention 
    • 4th Offense – ISS 1 block
    • 5th Offense – ISS 1 day
    • 6th Offense – ISS 2 days
    • 7th Offense – OSS 1 day
    • 8th Offense –Hearing for Expulsion