Myrtle Beach High Tardy Policy

  • Policy

    A tardy is defined as not being inside the assigned classroom when the tardy bell rings. Tardies violations count separately for each class.

    Please arrive early to school to allow time for Security Screenings. Only clear bags are permitted to expedite the process. Any subsequent tardy may not be excused.


    • 1st Offense – Teacher Warning/Document in Log Entries
    • 2nd Offense – Administrative Warning
    • 3rd Offense – Lunch Detention (45 minutes)
    • 4th Offense – ISS 1 block (90 minutes)
    • 5th Offense – ISS 1 day
    • 6th Offense – OSS 1 day
    • 7th Offense – OSS 3 days
    • 8th Offense – OSS pending Expulsion Hearing

    Students who arrive tardy after 8:20 with an outside food/beverage purchased from a restaurant, cafe, etc. such as Starbucks or McDonalds, will have it confiscated. It may be picked up by the parent.