Myrtle Beach High Phone and Earbud Policy

  • Policy

    During the school day, cell phones, earbuds and similar electronic devices will remain silent and out-of-sight. This includes: inside classrooms (unless permitted by the teacher) and in hallways during class and class changes.

    To ensure safety, students are not permitted to walk around campus with earbuds in their ears.

    Audio and video recording is not permitted and subject to suspension.


    • 1st Offense – Teacher Warning/Parents informed. Document in Log Entries
    • 2nd Offense – Referral to Administrator- Lunch Detention (45 minutes)
    • 3rd Offense – Referral to Administrator- ISS 1 day
    • 4th Offense – Referral to Administrator- OSS 1 day
    • 5th Offense – Referral to Administrator- OSS 2 days
    • 6th Offense – Referral to Administrator- OSS 3 days
    • 7th Offense – OSS pending Expulsion Hearing
    • Failure to comply with this policy gives Administration the authority to confiscate a student cell phone or earbuds for parent pick up afterschool. Refusal to comply will result in OSS.

    Any student with a legitimate need to use a phone during the school day; such as an emergency, should see an Administrator.

    MBHS is not liable for any lost or damaged electronic devices.