Myrtle Beach High Phone and Earbud Policy

  • MBHS allows the use of cell phones and earbuds for non-academic use only

    • before school
    • between classes
    • during lunch, and 
    • after school.

    During class, devices should remain silent and out of sight (unless permitted by the teacher).

    Recording is not permitted uniless the teacher gives permission.
    Students caught recording altercations will be subject to suspension.

    Administration has the authority to confiscate a cell phone and ear buds
    for parent pick up.


    • 1st Offense - Teacher Warning/Reteach Expectations
    • 2nd Offense - Minor Referral (Teacher Contact Parent/Document in Log Entry)
    • 3rd Offense - ISS Pending Parent Contact by Administration
    • 4th Offense - ISS 1 day
    • 5th Offense - ISS 2 days
    • 6th Offense - OSS 1 day
    • 7th Offense - OSS 2 days
    • 8th Offense - OSS 4 days
    • 9th Offense - OSS pending Expulsion Hearing