• Dual Enrollment through the Program for Accelerated College Enrollment (PACE)

    The PACE program offers opportunities for high-school juniors and seniors, as well as private and home-schooled students, to get a head start on college! Through the cooperation of the Horry and Georgetown County School Districts and the area high schools, the PACE program enables qualified students to meet high-school graduation requirements while taking college credit courses. These college credits may apply to programs of study at Horry-Georgetown Technical College or transfer to senior institutions.

    (Fall 2022 applications are due to the MBHS School Counseling office : 4-1-2022)

    Advantages of the PACE Program 

    • Earn credits now that apply to high school and college degree requirements;
    • Reduce the course load during your college freshman and sophomore years, improving your ability to meet and maintain the “B” average required for LIFE or other scholarships;
    • Provide a smooth transition from high school to the academic demands of college;
    • Boost your high school GPA/Class Rank;
    • Improve your SAT scores;
    • Guarantee college credit with successful course completion in one semester. 
    • Reduce overall college costs significantly.

    Who is Eligible?Pace progam

    High school juniors and seniors may be eligible, based on parent permission, guidance counselor approval and meeting HGTC placement requirements. Guidance Counselors also consider high school performance, including overall GPA, in recommending students for the PACE program. Each prospective PACE student must complete the PACE Online Application.

    Permission is required for all high school students to enroll in PACE courses. Private-school or home-schooled students who wish to enroll for dual credit must request written confirmation from their private high school or home-school organization to document that high school credit will be awarded. 

    PACE dual credit allows students to enroll in University Parallel courses for college credit, as well as high school credit. Students who take these courses are earning credits towards high school graduation requirements and also obtain college credit. These courses are taken during the normal school operational hours and will affect high school GPA.

    PACE dual enrollment also allows students to earn college credits only by enrolling in University Parallel courses or courses in HGTC’s various programs. These courses are not required for high school graduation; therefore, they may be taken outside of the regular school day, in the evenings, or during summer sessions.  They may be taken during the school day if the students’ schedule permits.  These courses do not affect the high school GPA.






    • Technical Scholars Welding Program
      Welding at HCS

      The Technical Scholars program at HGTC is designed for high school students who are interested in careers in STEM, advanced manufacturing and healthcare related fields.

      Advantages of the Technical Scholars Program

      • Earn credits now that apply to high school and college degree requirements;
      • Provide a smooth transition from high school to college;
      • Ability to obtain national certification to assist with job placement opportunities upon graduation;
      • Reduce overall college costs significantly.

      In order to be eligible, students must be able to complete his/her high school graduation requirements within the parameters of the program and meet admissions requirements through HGTC.

      Programs Offered


      • Technical Scholars - Welding
        * For students attending an Horry County high school, please refer to the district information.

       The Technical Scholars Welding Program is a partnership between Horry County Schools (HCS) and Horry Georgetown Technical College (HGTC). The program is designed for high school seniors and consists of twelve semester hours in the fall and twelve semester hours in the spring. Horry County Schools, following the district dual enrollment guidelines, will cover the tuition costs for the fall and spring semesters for those students enrolled in the program.

      Students who wish to develop their skills further can complete an additional ten semester hours during the summer session and receive an Advanced Welding Technologies Certification from HGTC, but the additional summer session tuition is not covered by HCS. 

      How to Enroll in the Technical Scholars Program

      1. Students should contact their high school Guidance Counselor to obtain the Technical Scholars/Dual Enrollment Application Packet.

      2. Complete a HGTC dual enrollment application for admission and return to your high school counselor.
        The SC residency section on the application must be completed.

      3. Submit the completed FAFSA Waiver with required signatures to your high school counselor.

      4. Submit qualifying ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER test scores.
        Schedule an appointment with the testing center. After testing, turn in your scores to your school counselor.



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