• The Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP) is a state requirement for 8th through 12th grade. The Education and Economic Development ACT (EEDA) of 2005 stipulates that students will have career assessments and awareness activities that help them select a career path. The purpose of the IGP is to assist students with the transition from middle school to high school to prepare a career major for high school and beyond.

    Students begin the process by completing career exploration assessments.  The results are discussed with the student and thier guidance counselor and an IGP Conference is scheduled during the 8th Grade. Parent/guardian presence is requested, and preferred. 

    Parents are given information about career assessment results and the student's stated career goals. During the IGP Conference, the guidance counselor provides tests results, explains the career major their student has selected, where the program is offered, and when courses in the major would begin. Parents must sign the IGP before they can be registered at the high school.

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