• Health Office

    Reminders from the School Nurse:

    Covid-19:  We are excited to finally be back in the building at North Myrtle Beach High School! We will do our best to keep your student healthy and happy. Life as we know it has changed for everyone in some way but we will get through it by working together. HCS web site has information on Covid-19 that relates to school. There is also the latest updated information on the CDC (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html) and  SCDHEC’s web site (https://www.scdhec.gov/infectious-diseases/viruses/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19) for more information. We encourage you to review with your students the guidelines for entering school that HCS has posted on their web site. Thank you for your cooperation! We can’t wait to see the students and make 2020-21 a great school year.

    Please Remember: When you see the School Nurse and choose to go home, it is not considered "Medically Excused." Only certain symptoms can warrant a medical excuse from the School Nurse.

    ATTENDANCE:  When your child is absent please notify the school's attendance office at risom@horrycountyschools.net. When a child is absent from school for 3 or more days due to illness, a written statement from your child's physician is requested upon the student's return to school.

    Please contact the school nurse if your child has any medical conditions that require emergency medications or monitoring. ( Severe allergy, Seizures, Asthma, Diabetes etc.) No student should carry any medication on their person at any time without proper paperwork.

    Prescription and non-prescription medication forms are required by the school to administer any
    medications. The medication forms and the medication policy can be obtained from the Horry
    County Schools website or from the school nurse.

    Medication Forms

    The forms below must be completed and signed by the child's parent or legal guardian. Please submit the forms to the School Nurse at your child's school. 

    The school nurse will call the parent if your child presents with the following condition(s): suspected Covid-19 symptoms will require your student to be picked up within one hour.
    Fever greater than 100.4 degrees, more than 1 episode of vomiting witnessed, more than 3 episodes of diarrhea, head injury, injury with pain/swelling/deformity, live lice, or other serious conditions that warrant immediate parent notification.

    Please don’t hesitate to call the school nurse with any questions or concerns.

    Alison Watts, RN           Julie Schreus, RN, BSN
    email: awatts001@horrycountyschools.net

    Students must be HEALTHY to be educated and educated to be HEALTHY