• The Benito Juárez Chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica activities



    The Pulsera sale of hand-woven bracelets to support educational programs in Central American countries.


    The funds raised from our pulsera sale benefit countless Central Americans, raising money for scholarships, secondary education programs, human rights issues, environmental projects, youth shelters, and social enterprises, in addition to sustaining employment for nearly 200 artisans in Nicaragua and Guatemala. On top of the impact abroad, pulsera sales change the lives of students in the U.S. as well, educating them about life in Central America while cultivating student leadership and awareness of global social issues.




    Trunk-or-Treat activities during the AAST fall carnival.

    SHH members participated in this event with activities centered around the Mexican Days of the Dead holidays.  Students sold small loaves of “bread of the dead” made by a local Mexican bakery. Bread of the dead is a traditional lightly sweetened bread with dough formed as bones on top for decor and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  

    SHH members also helped children design their own Dias de los Muertos masks and play classic Mexican games. 



    Mexican hot chocolate sale after school during December:

    Mexican Hot Chocolate? If you didn't know there was a difference, it's the ingredients that vary as well as the slow simmering process. Students used whole milk, raw unprocessed sugar, vanilla extract, whole cinnamon sticks, a couple of anise stars, and 100% unsweetened cocoa. They mixed the ingredients together and then let simmer for an hour before serving. Parents donated cookies and for $1, students received hot Mexican chocolate with a homemade cookie. Not bad for a snack attack on a cold day after class, eh?