• The PACE program website can be found here.

    HCS Dual Enrollment Information:


    PACE Info Slide Deck (Most Updated)

    Step-by-step directions on how to apply is found here.


    This form must be completed and returned to Ms. Shubrick via email (ashubrick@horrycountyschools.net) along with a copy of your completed FAFSA Waiver.  Please read carefully as it outlines payment responsibility.


    The most common PACE classes are:

    ENG 101, ENG 102 (Both must be taken), MAT 120, MUS 105, ART 101, THE 101, PSY 201, SOC 101, SPA 101, SPA 102, SPC 205, PHI 110, GEO 101, and GEO 102. 


    ENG 101 and 102 must both be taken to count for an English credit towards graduation.

    In order to take Spanish, you need to have completed Spanish 1 and 2 for high school credit.


    The following test scores are required to take PACE classes.

    PACE scores