• Mission Statement: The mission of Loris High School is to prepare all students to achieve excellence by creating an environment conducive to learning where students, staff, and families work together to promote the skills needed in a continuously changing world.

    Purpose of the Report: The report is issued by the Loris High School Improvement Council in accordance with South Carolina law to share information on the school’s progress in meeting various goals and objectives, the work of the SIC, and other accomplishments during the school year.

    Summary: Loris High School has a diverse population of approximately 734 students in grades 9-12.  Currently, 87 students attend program schools in the Horry County School District.  Demographically, LHs is 40% African American, 48% Caucasian, and 12% Other.  All students receive free breakfast and lunch.

    During the 2020-2021 school year, LHS has offered a variety of programs and initiatives.  Blended learning has been embraced in all classrooms.  This was made possible when all students were issued a Personal Learning Device to support technological initiatives.  The school has offered a free, after-school tutoring program as well as a quarter replacement program to help students succeed academically.  EOC reviews are conducted each semester. Bus transportation and snacks are provided for all of these programs.

    SIC Annual Goals: LHS has established goals for Student Learning. These four goals are:

    1. The pass rate on the Algebra 1 EOC Exam will increase to 75% for students taught in our building.
    2. The pass rate on the English 2 EOC Exam will increase to 80% for students taught in our building.
    3. The pass rate on the Biology EOC Exam will increase to 75% for students taught in our building.
    4. The pass rate on the US History EOC Exam will increase to 75% for students taught in our building.

    School Achievements:

    Ellen Willocks was named LHS Teacher of the Year.
    LouWanda Jenerette was named LHS Support Staff of the Year.

    FFA: Soils Team placed third in the State Turf Grass CDE .
    FFA: Toni Bell placed first in Extemporaneous Public Speaking  in Region 3.
    FFA: Bailee Ferich placed first in Prepared Public Speaking in Region 3.

    The following wrestlers won individual region championships in their weight class: Landon Gerrald, Ridge Kidder, Christ Gilchrist, Rahshawn Williams, Brice Faircloth, and Daniel Tyler.
    Ridge Kidder was selected as the South All-Star Team 132 lb wrestler.

    The varsity girls’ basketball team were Region VII AAA winners.
    Corteria Chestnut was selected as the Region VII AAA Player of the Year.
    JaQuon Dewitt was selected as a Region VII AAA Player.

  • SIC Members:

    Co-Chair: Jodi Cox
    Co-Chair: Wanda Todd

    Christina Sendler, Teacher
    Cara Todd, Parent
    Brandy Graham, Community Member
    Damon Vescovi, Community Member
    Maudie Davis, Community Member
    Bryson Small, Student
    Camryn Sendler, Student

    4-Year Graduation Rate:

    2017 84.0%
    2018 75.6%
    2019 81.3%
    2020 80.0%

    End-of-Course Test Pass Rates:
    Due to the pandemic, tests were not administered.