"Latin Honors" are highly coveted graduation distinctions that mark tremendous academic achievement. Colleges and Universities mainly accredit them, but some U.S. high schools also offer Latin Honors. According to the American Military University, Latin Honor designation falls into three categories, each with its own minimum GPA requirement.

                                                                   They are as follows:                                                                

    Summa Cum Laude (Green/Gold Cord)

     GPA = or greater than 4.75

    "Summa Cum Laude" is a prestigious title awarded to students with “the highest distinction”.  Typically, this distinction is given to graduates whose grades place them in the highest percentage of their school. In some cases, another metric, such as class rank or number of hours completed, can also put students in this category. In Latin, it translates to "With Praise".

    Magna Cum Laude (Green/Silver Cord)

    GPA = or greater than 4.25 but less than 4.75

    "Magna Cum Laude" signifies a degree earned “with great honor.” This level of Latin honor is awarded to those who achieve a strong GPA, but don’t meet the minimum requirements of summa cum laude. It is the middle tier between summa cum laude and cum laude.

    Cum Laude (Green/Bronze Cord)

     GPA = or greater than 3.75 but less than 4.25

    "Cum Laude" may be the lowest rank of Latin honors, but it is still a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT!! This distinction is bestowed upon students graduating “with distinction” or “with honor.”


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