• 2021 HCS Tech Fair Highlights

2021 HCS Tech Fair Header
  • Morgan Diven - Reminiscence

    11/12, AAST, Video Production

    This video concerns the reminiscence and nostalgia of one's childhood, interrupted by the harsh realities of life. I edited the video to appear as though it was footage that was found on an old cassette tape. I attempted to make this video nostalgic but unsettling at the same time. I hope that when others watch this video, they feel comforted, yet unsettled at the same time.


  • Carrie Hedrick - Robot Building, Hedrick Style

    2/3 MBP, Robotics (Programming)

    I chose to build a robot because I love building anything. The kit gave me directions on how to build the robot and then how to make the robot move with a coding app. I hope that by watching my video people will learn what fun this can be and how good you feel when you finish something.


  • Graceyn Moreland and Abigail Wood - Women in History

    4/5, OBE, Digital Photo Production

    We created a series of photos of important moments of history for women. To create these photos, we used an app called Green Screen by DoInk and inserted ourselves "into" that particular moment. Some of our photos used several different digitally edited photos to create the final photo.

  • Laney Hickman - My Highlight Reel

    2/3, GSFE, Passion Projects

    I started my portfolio when I was in Kindergarten and added pages for first and second grade. I will add pages each year until I graduate. The purpose of my portfolio is to help me show my accomplishments in education and life in general. This project will hopefully help me to get into college one day. 


  • Matthew Brunet - Message Encryption

    11/12, CHS, Project Programming

    I coded an encryption program that uses a mathematical, user-inputted key in python. It is useful for discreet communication. I hope people will learn the mindset that programming helps exponentiate and the usefulness of cyber-security.


  • Tanner Buck - Thoughtcrime: An Original Musical Composition

    9/10, SJH, Audio Production

    My project is a six minute musical Composition titled "Thoughtcrime." I wrote and composed the piece using Apple's Logic Pro X software. In the piece, I sought to adapt the plot and themes of the novel 1984 to musical form. I wish to show my piece, the experience of writing it, and how I learned to use Logic Pro X to compose music digitally.

  • Cameron Mack - Chef Beats' Sounds of the World

    11/12 SJH, Audio Production

    What I aspire for in this project is to share my positivity with the world with musical production. My project takes listeners on a musical road trip with stops in Toronto, New Orlenas, England, Cuba, and Los Angeles.


  • Cole Smith - Enhancing Warbird Park

    9/10, SH, Video Production

    Warbird Park is an outdoor historical park in the Market Common, located on the old Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. This park consists of historical content as well as a place to watch the airplanes take off at the Myrtle Beach International Airport. I have created videos for plaques throughout the park that give more information about those plaques. The 10 videos I created are linked throughout the park with QR Codes, that are located on plaques that closely relate to the video.


  • Maya Belman - Self Portrait

    2/3, SJE, Digital Photography

    My self-portrait "Maya in Wonderland" is a project that consists of two parts. The first part is photography with a digital camera and it requires basic knowledge of camera settings. In my video, I explain what settings control light and how they affect the picture. You also have to be creative to take a good photo and be good at posing. The second part of my project is photo editing on the computer. I used Photoshop to edit my photo.