-- An Important Message from our Principal, Mr. Rich -- 

    Good Morning Class of 2021 Parents/Guardians and Students,


    We are very excited to celebrate with the class of 2021 this evening at 6 PM.  In the event that we have inclement weather, we will first try to delay the start time of the graduation ceremony if it looks like the storm will pass by quickly.  If that is not the case, we will plan to move our graduation ceremony to Wednesday, June 16, 2021, at 6 PM.  However, I am confident that the weather will cooperate with us this evening, and we will hold our graduation ceremony as planned.  


    As a reminder for all the ladies who will be sitting on the field tonight, please do not wear high heels as you will sink in the field as you try to walk.  Please plan to wear flats or wedges.  In addition, please remember to have your tickets with you when you enter the stadium.  Graduates, please come dressed in your cap and gown; you do not need a ticket to enter the stadium. We have a production company recording the graduation this evening, and we will post the graduation ceremony on our social media accounts as well as our website as soon as it is ready.  Class of 2021, I am so proud of all of you, and I cannot wait to hand you your diploma this evening. Have a great day!




    Jeremy Rich, Principal

    Socastee High School





    Student FinesAll Senior fines must be paid prior to receiving graduation tickets or participating in the graduation ceremony.  Please take care of any outstanding fines, and return any books that you may still have.  Fines can be paid on MyPaymentsPlus, or in person during regular school hours.  Please contact Mrs. Tucci if you have questions concerning the payment of your fines.


    Graduation – Everyone has made their selection as to which graduation ceremony they would like to participate in, whether it is mass graduation, individual ceremony, or none at all.  Mr. Urbaniak will send a follow-up e-mail as we get closer to those events with specific instructions to help these events run smoothly and make them memorable events.  Please be patient as we finalize details, and continue to check your e-mail for updates about graduation.


    Graduation Tickets – We only have about 20 students who have not yet picked up their tickets to graduation.  You can pick up tickets on Monday from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM, and again on Tuesday morning from 8:30 AM until Noon.  If you cannot make it to the school during that time please contact me and I will make arrangements with you to get your tickets.  Please keep in mind that we are not distributing extra tickets for any reason.  I appreciate you all asking but we are just not able to give extra tickets this year for the mass graduation ceremony.  Individual ceremony or no ceremony participation will not receive tickets to the mass graduation ceremony.  No extra tickets will be given to seniors.  We would like to meet social distancing guidelines and in order to do so we can only allow a certain number of guests into the stadium for graduation. 

    Please be mindful of your tickets because we will not replace lost tickets.  Graduates do not need a ticket, but every guest entering the stadium at graduation will need a ticket.  Guests without a ticket will, unfortunately, be turned away at the gate.

    We will have faculty checking for tickets when you arrive on campus and again when you enter the stadium.  Please make certain that each guest in your vehicle has a ticket to graduation.  Tickets will be collected at the stadium gate.

    **Two guests will sit on the field with the graduate, and two guests will sit in the stadium**

    The graduate in their cap and gown and the two field guests must enter the field at the same time.  Please, if you need to, use the restroom before entering the field.  Once you are on the field you will not be permitted to exit the field until after the ceremony.  This is to minimize distractions to the graduates and the platform speakers.

    Likewise, guests in the stands should remain seated throughout the ceremony.  This is to minimize distractions from other guests seeing their senior graduate.


    Individual Graduation CeremonyIf you signed up for the Individual Graduation Ceremony, you received an e-mail from Mr. Urbaniak asking for you to select a time for your graduation on June 16.  Individual graduates do not receive tickets and may bring up to 8 guests with them to the ceremony.  Please be sure that you have selected your time for your Individual Graduation Ceremony.  You will receive a reminder e-mail 24 hours prior to your scheduled time.


    GRADUATION UPDATESEveryone has made their selection as to which graduation ceremony they would like to participate and we cannot change your graduation selection at this time. 

    Graduates should arrive on campus by 5:15 PM.  Please account for traffic when you are coming on to campus.  The graduation ceremony will begin at 6 PM.

    Graduates must be dressed and prepped when they arrive on campus for their graduation ceremony. 

    Males must wear a collared shirt and long pants, either khaki or dark pants with closed-toed shoes.  Ties are optional.   

    Females can wear slacks or an appropriate dress.  You can wear open-toe flats or heels.  Since we are on the field, heels may make it very difficult to walk. 

    FLIP FLOPS, SNEAKERS, JEANS, AND SHORTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR ANYONE.  If you arrive wearing jeans or shorts you will be asked to change prior to the ceremony.

    You MAY NOT decorate your caps or gowns.

    Many of you have asked about wearing additional honor cords.  Only Honor Cords issued by the school are appropriate.  You MAY NOT wear any additional cords that you purchased on your own.


    GRADUATION BEHAVIOR (GUESTS) – For guests at the ceremony, please refrain from making loud celebratory noises or whistles.  We definitely understand how excited you are about your student graduating (we are right there excited with you) but when you make loud noises it may become disruptive to hear other graduates having their name called.  Please be courteous to hear ALL graduates' names called.  There will be a time at the end of the ceremony for celebrations!

    GRADUATE BEHAVIOR – I shouldn’t really have to say this, but please don’t do anything that you know that we would not approve of.  Just ask yourself, “would Urb and Graves approve of my behavior” and then act accordingly.


    Social Distancing at Senior Events

    Please be mindful that although certain restrictions may have been lifted on social distancing and masks, not everyone is ready to jump back into the crowds of people, and we want everyone to have an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy their senior at graduation.  We are respectful of everyone’s views as we make our way back to some sense of normalcy. 

    As such, we kindly ask that you respect social distancing at the award and graduation ceremonies and we encourage you to wear a mask.