• The AHS School Improvement Council (SIC) is an advisory council to the principal that is focused on school improvement issues. It is made up of representatives of parents, teachers, and community members. The principal serves as an ex-officio member. The SIC meets several times during the school year.  This year's members are

    • Student Body President
    • Student Body Vice President
    • Stephanie Carroll – Secretary
    • Ryan Graham – Chair
    • Chuck Harrelson
    • Monique Hemingway-Bell
    • Michael McCracken – Principal
    • Kim Mendez - Curriculum Coach
    • Kim Myers- Teacher
    • Billy Phillips – Vice Chair
    • Jennifer Rabon - Nurse
    • Joshua Spivey - Athletic Director
    • Susan Strayhorne - Custodial Supervisor
    • Lynn Strickland
    • Elizabeth Thomas - Teacher
    • Brandon Todd - Assistant Principal
    • Amy Xenakis

    AHS parent representatives are nominated and elected by their fellow AHS parents. Any parent/guardian of at least one child enrolled in AHS is eligible to place his/her own name or the name of another parent in nomination. This year we will be filling two (2) elected parent positions on the SIC. Parent representatives are typically elected for a term of two years.

    A representative of the AHS SIC will contact all individuals whose names are submitted into nomination prior to the election to confirm acceptance of the nomination. Nominees will be invited to submit a brief statement about themselves and why they want to serve on the SIC. All statements received will be printed on the opposite side of the ballot so that voters will have a chance to get to know each of the candidates.

    You can submit your nomination to the AHS SIC via several methods:

    #1-complete this Google form (see link below);

    #2- drop off the nomination at the AHS front office in person;

    #3-email AHS Principal, Mr. McCracken (mmccracken@horrycountyschools.net);

    #4-or by mail (201 Jordanville Road, Aynor, SC 29511, Attention: Mr. McCracken, SIC).

    Please ensure the following information is provided if you use another method besides the Google Form: Name of nominee, Phone # of nominee, Email address of nominee, Student of nominee enrolled at AHS.

    Nomination forms must be received no later than the close of the business day, Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Elections were held Tuesday, September 21, 2021. 

    Click the following link to submit your nomination: https://forms.gle/dtaYy9kAkPQ1bUuVA