FLEX Program

    The HCS FLEX Program is a supplemental virtual program available for students in grades 9-12. These courses are meant to enhance the educational experience of each student as he or she remains with their base school during the school day.

    FLEX Courses could be used as options for students in a variety of situations, such as a class that is not offered at their high school, a schedule conflict resolution, or as an additional course taken outside of the school day.

    If students are interested in taking a course thru the FLEX Program, they must complete a course request and meet with their school counselor for approval.


    HCS Success Academy Program

    The HCS Success Academy Program is available for students in grades 9-12 who have previously earned an F in a course with a minimum final grade of 50%.

    This program is designed to allow students to retrieve credit for courses using a high-quality online course curriculum. Students who wish to take a credit recovery course should discuss the options available with their school counselor.