• How to Register for HCS Virtual FLEX (grades 9-12)

    How to regsiter

    HCS Virtual FLEX makes it easy for students in grades 9-12 to enroll in one or two online courses to supplement courses they may be taking at their brick-and-mortar school. HCS Virtual FLEX is a supplemental program that began in 2009 and is not intended for full-time online students. 

  • This registration is NOT for the district's FULL-TIME virtual program.  These instructions are for 9-12 brick-and-mortar students to request a course while attending their brick-and-mortar school.


    To request enrollment in an HCS Virtual FLEX course students should select the link below and enter their HCS network username and password.  Students new to the district or those who have problems logging in should choose "create an account." 



    HCS students do not need to create an account but should simply login using their HCS network username and password

     Follow the instructions online to:

    1. Request a course
    2. Print the permission form
    3. Obtain a signature from a parent
    4. Return signed form to a school counselor
    5. Enrollment requests are not considered until a guidance counselor provides approves


    How to Register for an HCS Virtual Course PDF