• Face Coverings/Masks

    Updated August 26, 2021

    Students, staff, and visitors will not be required to wear a mask. Provisos in the state budget prohibit any public school in South Carolina from implementing mask mandates. Although masks are not required in school buildings.

    Masks, however, are required for symptomatic individuals within the health room and nurses administering care under these circumstances.

    The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) announced that it will again enforce the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Order requiring the use of face coverings by students and staff on state-owned and operated school buses. All South Carolina public school districts must be in compliance with this requirement no later than Monday, August 30, 2021.

    To facilitate adherence to the CDC Order, the SCDE will equip all state-owned school buses with an adequate supply of face coverings that meet CDC Order requirements. If a student boards a bus without a face covering, bus drivers should offer the student a face covering. School districts shall implement disciplinary measures designed to enforce this requirement, including, but not limited to suspending a student from riding a bus. However, no student should be placed in an unsafe situation as a result of attempting to board a bus without a face covering.

    For more information, see the following link on the SCDE website:https://www.ed.sc.gov/newsroom/school-district-memoranda-archive/update-on-school-bus-face-covering-requirements/update-on-sc.