Attendance Makeup Information

  • WHAT:

    Attendance Recovery is required to recover the number of unexcused absences you have over the State- allowed limit. Each time you complete make up attendance your unexcused absence will be replaced to REC-Recovered.


    Attendance in school is State Law. If you do not make up for too many unexcused absences, you will Fail due to Attendance, not earn credit, and re-take the course. You are responsible for monitoring your daily attendance.


    ANY student that has more than 5 Unexcused (UNEX, UEPN) in any semester-long class.
    ANY student that has more than 2 Unexcused (UNEX, UEPN) in any quarter-long class (govt/econ). ANY student that has more than 10 Unexcused (UNEX, UEPN) in any year-long class.


    Join the Attendance Google Classroom (code w3d7yko) for important announcements and complete either or both options for recovering attendance.


    OPTION 1 –

    ONLINE by completing Edgenuity “2021-2022 HCS Strategies for Academic Success” class.
    30 minutes of completion = 1 block of attendance recovered (REC).
    Log into to Edgenuity using your regular HCS Gmail username and password.
    After you complete your make up, email Mr. Rutenberg ( to change your attendance.


    OPTION 2-

    IN PERSON by attending Saturday School held at MBHS. 1 hour = 1 block of recovered attendance (REC) Semester 1 Dates- 12/11/21 & 1/8/22
    Semester 2 Dates- 3/26/22 & 5/14/22

    To determine how many hours of make up you need. Only count the total number of unexcused absences (UNEX/UEPN) in EACH BLOCK then subtract 5. This will give you the total number of blocks you have to make up per class.

    For Example: A student in a semester-long class has 8 UNEX in block 1, 5 UNEX in block 2, 5 UNEX in block 3 and 6 UNEX in block 4.

    FA Block 1 = 3 hour required (8-5=3) Block 2 = 0 (5-5 no make up required) Block 3 = 0 (5-5 no make up required) FA Block 4= 1 hour required (6-5=1)

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