• Family Literacy Center


    Horry County Schools Family Literacy Centers

    offer free early child care and early education for the

    children of parents who are attending adult education classes

    Conway Education Center, 1620 Sherwood Drive, Conway
    Myrtle Beach Adult Education, 770 Swallow Ave, Myrtle Beach (HGTC Grand Strand Campus)

    Monday - Friday, 8 am - 12 noon

    Core Message

    Horry County Schools’ Family Literacy Center program is designed to provide comprehensive,

    long-term educational services for parents and their preschool children to make sustainable changes in family/literacy, by integrating parenting, interactive literacy activities, early childhood education and adult education/literacy. Each participant is a full partner in the educational process and setting their goals.

    The center offers weekly Interactive Literacy Activities, weekly parenting classes and bi-weekly visits

    with the Parent-Child Home program.

    Program Mission Statement

    To increase educational opportunities for community/family members that will improve their

    employability skills, raise their educational levels, improve parenting skills, improve school

    readiness in preschool children and thus, improve the quality of life for families.

    Family Learning Center Goals

    • Strengthen parent involvement in the learning process of preschool children birth through 
      five years and therefore create a continued parental process.
    • Encourage parents to be fully participating partners in their child’s education starting at birth
      and continuing throughout the child’s school years.
    • Promote school readiness of preschool children.
    • Provide parents with developmental information about their preschool children and assist parents
      in planning for the upcoming stages of development.
    • Assess children for developmental milestones.
    • Refer children for vision, hearing, and speech screenings.
    • Encourage educational parent and child together time by modeling, instructing and guiding.
    • Offer parents opportunities to improve their literacy skills and education.
    • Increase parent involvement in the educational process of the child.
    • Enhance parenting skills.
    • Partner with community agencies to provide families with the resources they need to raise
      children who are ready to learn.

    Family Literacy Sites

    Horry County Schools' Family Learning Centers offer free early child care and early education for the

    children of parents who are attending adult education classes.

    • The Family Literacy Centers are open to anyone aged 17 and older who wishes to attend Adult
      Education classes and who has a child from six-weeks to five years of age.
    • The Family Literacy Center is comprised of four components: Adult Education, Early Childhood
      Education, Parenting, and Parent & Child Together Time. 
    • Educational childcare is available for parents who are participating in Adult Education.
    • Educational childcare is available only on days that the adult education centers are open.
    • The educational child care is free; however, parents must participate in Parenting classes, Parent
      & Child Together Time and Home Visits.
    • A menu of parenting classes is available at the Conway and Myrtle Beach Education Centers to
      help educate and support moms and dads in their parenting roles such as; developing early
      literacy skills, Motheread, toddler tips, nutrition, and health and safety.
    • Parent & Child Together Time is offered weekly with instructional activities encouraging the
      parent to become the child’s first teacher.

    For more information contact:

    Susan Jones

    Family Literacy Specialist

    Horry County Schools Adult and Community Education

    1620 Sherwood Drive

    Conway, SC 29526

    (843) 488-6200

    (843) 488-6201 FAX