SENIORS – You are eligible for 2 college/university visits per academic school year

    JUNIORS -  You are eligible for 1 college/university visit per academic school year

    Prearranged absences for college/university visits are approved at the discretion of the Principal.  Students MUST complete the College Visit Approval Form PRIOR to visiting a college/university.  The form should be completed by the student, signed by a parent, and be returned to the attendance clerk at the front desk, well in advance of the student's college/university visit.

    Students are responsible for any/all missed SA and CCU classwork, assignments, and homework due to a college/university visit absence.  

    Make-Up Work

    For an excused absence (such as a college/university visit), the following will apply:

    • If the student is absent on the due date BUT was present when the work was assigned, the assignment is due when the student returns to class.

    • If the student is absent on the due date AND when the work was assigned, the student will have one week from their return to school to submit the assignment.

    • If absent on the date the work was assigned, but present the date it is due, no extension will be granted, unless arrangements were made in advance of the absence.

    Also note, being out the day before a previously announced test does not mean you get an extra day to study. It is the responsibility of the student to get notes and assignments missed when absent. Tests and labs can be made up by appointment only. Any extenuating circumstances need to be discussed with the teacher in advance of the absence.

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