Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books @ BWMS text in a shield with a pile of books on top
  • The Battle of the Books is a student club that meets during den time once or twice a month. Each year, 8-10 books are selected for the whole team to read. Individual students must read and pass a Google form quiz with at least a 70% comprehension THREE BOOKS over the year to participate in the Battle of the Books. Monthly meetings will focus on memorizing book titles and authors, discussing book summaries, and preparing for the school competition. In the district competition, Black Water Middle School has just one team with alternating students of up to 12. This is an ideal club for students who enjoy reading and want an edge of competition. A variety of middle level book genres are included in the selection of yearly Battle of the Books!

    Teacher Sponsors: Ms. Ritchie and Ms. Patel

    Meetings: Friday mornings during DEN

    For more info- click here!