• Penguins, by nature, are very curious and inquisitive creatures. Curiosity leads to new opportunities which are akin to both penguins and humans. Students have been challenged in ways never before imagined and we would like to reward students for remaining resilient and adaptive! The student you choose each month should be curious, show ingenuity and be a "leader of their flock!" 


  • Congratulations to our Penguins of the Month!
    Jimmy Thomson was nominated in August by Ms. Piuma. Jimmy works extra hard to do his best in school. He's inquisitive and truly loves learning.
    Camden Benton was nominated in September by Mrs. Broussard. Camden is a friendly and helpful young man. He is always listening and on task in the art room. Camden is a great role model. Jimmy and Camden received a prize package from Ripley's Aquarium and a special visit from Norman.