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Rookie Teacher of the Year

  • The Rookie Teacher of the Year program is designed to recognize and celebrate teachers within the first three years of their careers and improve teacher retention by celebrating success early in their careers. Rookie Teacher of the Year school honorees are nominated by their school principals for their professionalism in providing quality instruction and meeting the needs of all students. Five finalists have been chosen from school nominees, and the HCS Rookie Teacher of the Year will be recognized later this year.


  • HCS 2023 Rookie Teacher of the Year

  • Congratulations to Alexis Del Castillo, Horry County Schools 2023 Rookie Teacher of the Year!

    Alexis Del Castillo is a 6th-grade science and 7th-grade math teacher at Ocean Bay Middle School and began his teaching career at HCS in 2020. Alexis is a graduate of Coastal Carolina University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle Level Education in Math and Science.
Alexis Del Castillo ROY

Mr. Del Castillo's Acceptance Speech

  • I just want to thank Horry County Schools for this recognition.  It is an absolute honor to be named Rookie Teacher of the Year.  

    Thank you to my friends, family, and staff for all the support I've received throughout my first two years of teaching.

    Of course, I have to give a big thank you shoutout to my students- both former and current.  It's because of my kids that I'm able to learn and grow.  They make me want to be the best version of myself.

    That's what this recognition and profession is about: the kids.  As educators, we strive to help our students reach the top academically; however, this is not the only role we play.  We are supporters, providers of love and positivity, and sometimes we may be the only ones they have.  Our role is imply to be there for the kids.

    All we can do in life is try to impact each other in a positive manner.  I encourage each you to reach out into the world and promote love because you never know what someone may be going through.  We must be the positivity and light that this world needs.  Never forget your own impact that you create every day.  

    Thank you again for this recognition.  It truly is an honor. 

    Alexis Del Castillo, May 2022

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