• AHS Aim: To be the best school in the state of South Carolina. The best place to learn. The best place to work.


    AHS Heart: Do to others as you would have them do to you. The Golden Rule.


    AHS Vision: 100% of AHS students will graduate on time and be identified as college or career ready by the state of SC.




    Mission Statement: The mission of Aynor High School is to empower each student to be a positive, productive member of society through innovative education that focuses on the individual development of every student in order to become internationally minded and an integral, contributing part of a global society.


    Vision Statement: Aynor High School, as part of Horry County Schools, shares the vision to be a premier, world-class school in which every student acquires an excellent education. Our school will be a welcoming center organized around high-quality teaching and learning.




    Strategic Plan