Students can check out up to 2 books.
    • If you already have 2 books out and need another book for a class project, you must return a book (or pay the replacement fee) before you can check out the one needed for your project.

    • Remember ebooks and audiobooks are always available to be checked out in Sora, no matter how many physical books you have out.

    • The ONLY exceptions for the 2-book policy are:

        • Book Club students (can check out 3 books)

        • Friends of the Library (can check out 3 books)

        • 8th grade NHD students (2 books, plus up to 3 additional books for research for their NHD project).

    Books are checked out for 14 days

    • The due date is stamped in the back of the book.

    • If you need more time, the book may be renewed once through your Destiny Discover account (where you go to place books on Hold).

    • Any additional time needed after the original due date + one renewal will need to be discussed on a case-by-case basis with Ms. Moore.

    Books more than 45 days overdue are automatically marked LOST in the Library system, and the replacement fine is automatically added to your library account and your MyPaymentsPlus account.

      • If the book is not actually lost, all you have to do is renew or return the item and the Lost fine is automatically removed from your account (removed from your MyPaymentsPlus account the next day).

      • If Library books are actually lost or damaged, you will be charged a replacement cost for each book.

        • Book fines can be paid in cash or by check in the LLC, or through MyPaymentsPlus with a credit or debit card.

        • If you believe you should not be charged for a damaged book (like it was damaged in a hurricane, for example), please email Ms. Moore.


    Student overdue and fine notices are emailed once a week (Wednesdays). Parents are emailed their student's overdue and fine notice once a month (last Friday of the month). Make sure your overdues and fines are clear before your parents get that email!

    Paper notices are only distributed once a quarter. These notices will be placed in teachers' mailboxes to be distributed in Homeroom near the end of each semester.


    If there is ever an error in a Library Notice you receive (like the notice says you owe a book you know you turned in) - email Ms. Moore immediately. The reports are autogenerated by the Library system - the problem can't get solved if we don't know there is a problem!