• 12/4-12/8:


    Every day, we have a variety of different items. Most are pre-packaged, including honeybuns, cinnamon rolls,

    Muffins, waffles, donuts, cereal and poptarts. One or two days a week, we will have a biscuit or breakfast pizza.



  • 12/4-12/8:


    Mon: Popcorn chicken, macaroni & cheese, corn

    Tues: Crispy chicken sandwich, onion rings, green beans

    Wed: Doritos walking taco w/ chicken & queso, pinto beans, lettuce, tomato & cheese

    Thurs: Beef baked ziti, corn, garlic toast

    Fri: Bosco sticks w/ marinara, garden salad, steamed broccoli

    Everyday we also offer a variety of other entrée choices, including crispy or spicy chicken sandwich,

    Pizza, uncrustables and lunchables. We also have fresh, and cup fruit and vegetable choices as well as juice and milk.

    Menus are subject to change