What's OBM Cooking?

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  • Mon (10/3): Bagel w/ cream cheese or chocolate crescent or poptarts

    Tues (10/4): Sausage biscuit or chocolate chip French toast or cereal cup

    Wed (10/5): French toast sticks or muffin or cereal bar w/ graham

    Thurs (10/6): Triple berry blast French toast or banana bread or poptarts

    Fri (10/7): Mini maple waffles or apple frudel or cereal cup



  • Mon (10/3): Chicken sandwich (choice of Crispy or Spicy) Garden salad & corn

    Tues (10/4): Chicken nuggets (like Chick-Fil-A) Sweet potatoes, green beans, goldfish crackers

    Wed (10/5): Hamburger steak in gravy or smoked sausage, Rice & broccoli

    Thurs (10/6): Cheeseburger & French fries!

    Fri (10/7): Pizza (choice of cheese or pepperoni) , garden salad & carrot sticks

    Cold lunches will vary each day between PB&J, Chef salad, Turkey & cheese, Ham & cheese or Yogurt bundle.  Every day a variety of fruits and vegetables, including juice, will be available.  Milk is offered, but not required.  Our students are doing really great with eating their fruits and vegetables! We are proud of them!