• Breakfast
    Mon (2/6): Pancake pup or chocolate crescent or cereal cup
    Tues (2/7): Mini maple waffles or banana bread or poptarts
    Wed (2/8): Sausage biscuit or apple frudel or cereal bar w/ grahams
    Thurs (2/9): Chocolate chip French toast or blueberry bread or cereal cup
    Fri (2/10): Honey bun or grilled cheese sandwich or poptarts



  • Lunch
    Mon (2/6): Chicken chunks, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables
    Tues (2/7): Corndog or smoked sausage and French fries
    Wed (2/8): Bosco sticks w/ marinara, corn and carrot sticks
    Thurs (2/9): Korean bbq fajita chicken, rice, broccoli
    Fri (2/10): Cheese or pepperoni pizza, garden salad and carrot sticks