Lunch detentions are issued to a student for not following classroom rules or school policy and procedures. Students remain at lunch detention throughout lunch and recess. If a student fails to report on their assigned day, he or she will receive a second lunch detention. Failure to serve assigned lunch detention may result in harsher consequences. 


    In-School Suspension (ISS) may be assigned as a disciplinary consequence.  Students receiving this penalty report after advisory with their books, assignments and materials to the ISS classroom on the day they are assigned.  Students may be assigned to ISS for a full day, multiple days, or part of a day. The student is responsible for returning work to the correct teacher before they leave for the day to receive credit for the work done during this time.


    OSS may be administered as a disciplinary measure in some cases.  When a student is suspended out of school, he/she will not be allowed to come on any HCS grounds unless it is with a parent for a conference with an administrator.  The student is not allowed to attend any functions or represent Ocean Bay Middle at any Horry County School including extracurricular activities during the suspension.


    Expulsion is the exclusion of a student for the remainder of the school year from classes or any school related functions.  Expulsion is recommended by the administration for any activity which violates criminal laws.  Expulsion is also applied in cases involving serious misconduct and continued minor misconduct after reasonable disciplinary measures have failed to achieve satisfactory results.  For further information about student conduct, please refer to the Horry County Schools Parent/Student Handbook.