• Payroll Year

    All employees are paid on the same semi-monthly pay schedule. However, pay groups start and end the payroll year at different times. In a year when you work the entire schedule, your regular pay will be spread over 24 even payments. See your pay group below to determine when your payroll year begins and ends.  The first payroll is when you will receive salary increases and accruals for sick and personal leave for the school year.  The last payment is your final payroll for the previous school year.  It is possible to start working in the new school year before your final payroll for the previous school year has been processed.

    Special note for 180 - 220-day employees who start after the first work day of the school year: Starting later in the school year can drastically reduce your gross pay due to the summer spread.  You will receive a new-hire letter from Payroll detailing how your pay will be processed for the first year.