• All employees in a budgeted position will be advanced sick/personal leave according to the following schedule. Up to two days will be distributed to personal leave with the remainder distributed to sick leave. The balance of personal leave cannot exceed 4 days.  Employees who work in 240 or 246 day positions will earn annual leave each pay period. Annual leave is not advanced at the beginning of the year.

  • Example:

    A 180-day employee begins the year with three personal days and four sick days carried over from the previous year. Twelve leave days will be advanced on the 8/31 payroll. One day will be applied to personal leave to maximize the balance of 4 days allowed.  The remaining eleven will be applied to the sick leave balance.

    Sick and personal leave is advanced before being earned. If employment ends mid-year, advanced leave will be prorated based on the actual number of work days.  Over use of advanced leave may result in a reduction in pay.

    Refer to the Horry County Schools District Policies Handbook for additional information.