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      Pay cafeteria fees at www.myschoolbucks.com
      SJHS students are expected to use proper decorum at all times. This means that food trays are to be taken back to the proper area and must not be left on the table. Graduating seniors can get refunds from their cafe account at the end of the year by turning in parent’s name, address, and social security number if the balance is over $5. Students who choose to sit on the outside patio at lunch must return their trays to the scullery or near the trash cans at the back of the cafeteria. No outside food is allowed in the cafeteria. No one may leave the cafeteria with food. Acceptable areas during lunch: cafeteria and back patio.

      • Students may visit media center only with a pass.
      • Students may visit a teacher’s classroom with a pass from that teacher.
      • Students may visit their counselor or conduct school business in the front office without a pass, but they must inform the person on lunch duty.




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