• eLearning Days*

    The implementation of the e-Learning program is the responsibility of the South Carolina Department of Education. School districts that meet the criteria for an e-Learning district as determined by the South Carolina Department of Education may use up to five eLearning days to allow for the make up of short-term disruptions to in-person teaching and learning.

    An eLearning day can be used on the specific day that schools would otherwise have had to close due to an unforeseen emergency or when a make-up day would normally be used. The eLearning days are designed to offer more flexibility to avoid loss of instruction due to school closings or to manage necessary make-up days that are already included in the school calendar.

    What should an eLearning Day look like?

    Because eLearning days are regular workdays, teachers should be available to students and parents during school day hours. However, alternate schedules may be used to include daytime and evening hours if this better accommodates the needs of students. Each eLearning day will be 5.5 hours for students in kindergarten through grade 8 and 6.0 hours for students in grades 9-12 or a minimum of 200 minutes of daily instruction. Lessons provided should require a minimum of 200 minutes of instruction (video, reading, listening); the remainder of the time is for student engagement, studying and work completion, etc. These times are cumulative across subjects.

    Is an eLearning Day Appropriate? (Examples)

Is an eLearning Day Appropriate? (Examples)

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