• Transcript Requests

      Transcript Request
      **As of Nov 1, 2018 - all transcript requests must be made online through www.needmytranscript.com. Please allow sufficient time when requesting your transcript so that it can be processed in a timely manner.
      Faxes, phone calls and email requests for transcripts will not be processed.

    Federal Student Aid at a Glance


    Filling out the FAFSA® form can be a straightforward and easy process. Visit this link for help with the following:

    • Creating an FSA ID
    • Gathering the documents needed to apply
    • How to get help with the FAFSA
    • How to start the FAFSA
    • How to list colleges and/or career schools
    • How to determine your dependency status
    • How to provide your financial information
    • Signing and submitting your FAFSA