• Peer Mentor Program

    Advisors: Connie Jones, Steven Albright, Jamie Neff


  • The LHS Peer Mentors began in Spring 2018. The program has proven to make a difference in the lives of the mentors and mentees. The LHS Peer Mentors have established student officers and continues to "Lead By Example". Mrs. Jones is very thankful for the LHS Peer Mentors Parent/Guardian Support Group. They help facilitate peer mentor events and contribute much effort and time in the lives of the LHS Peer Mentors. We are blessed to have many Loris and other Horry County Businesses supporting our efforts as we lead by example at LHS.

    The Loris High School Peer Mentors are defined in many ways, but at LHS a peer mentor is a wise trusted friend who helps guide a friend (mentee). LHS Peer Mentors should always “Lead by Example” and demonstrate that excellence is an attitude and not a skill. A peer mentor is willing to invest the time and energy to help at-risk students be successful in and out the classroom. They should demonstrate empathy with students concerns and serve as an effective role model while building leadership skills and confidence in their lives and in the lives of their peers.

    The LHS Peer Mentors have an established scholarship fund entitled, "Salute to Loris Lions Peer Mentor Scholarship". Currently, one or more mentors have the opportunity to qualify and be awarded a scholarship for college.


Peer Mentor
Peer Mentor

  • Meeting Schedule

    The LHS Peer Mentors meet every three weeks during Single Lunch on Fridays. 

  • Annual Etiquette Luncheon

    The Peer Mentor program hosts an Etiquette Luncheon each Spring at ATA. Students practice proper dining etiquette and networking with prominent figures within Horry County. Past dignitaries include: members of HCS School Board, HCS superintendant and chief officers, Loris mayor, South Carolina senators, and local business owners.