Derrick Hilton, or Coach Hilton as he is referred to by so many, has recently been diagnosed with Cancer. While most people would have been stopped in their tracks, Coach Hilton has taken the news in stride. His first thoughts were not for himself or what he might face ahead. His thoughts were for his children, his family, his friends, his students, and his players. This was no surprise to those that know him because his thoughts and concerns are never placed on himself.
    Coach Hilton is the face of Socastee High School in our community. He has been since he was a student here prior to his graduation in 1998. Coach Hilton pursued a college degree from Coker College, which would allow him to return to his hometown and give back to the place that he has loved unconditionally for most of his life, the place that he calls home. Coach Hilton has spent the majority of his life giving all he has to Brave Nation. From counseling his students about class choices, and holding their hands through the hardships of life, to growing his players into young men. He has not only been there for his students but their families as well. He is the face of all the good that Socastee has to give because he is the good that we have.
    Coach Hilton is a loving father of 3. The love and dedication he has for his children are immeasurable. He is a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, a dear friend, and the ultimate of Los Angeles Lakers fans.
    We cannot put into words what he means to us. All we can do for him is offer up prayer and support. We all know that a fight against cancer comes at a high cost. We are asking you to help provide funding for Coach Hilton’s fight. Please help us show him Braves Don’t Fight Alone. Help us show him that he has touched the lives of so many and that we owe him more than we could ever repay.
    Should you wish to show your support, there are many ways to do this.  Below are the links to the GoFundMe that has been set up as well as the many fundraisers in the area.  Please reach out to each individual fundraiser's sponsor for questions or more information.  The school is not sponsoring any of these fundraisers unless noted.
  • Benefit Basketball Game

  • "Braves Don't Fight Alone" T-Shirts

  • Braves Don't Fight Alone Bracelets

  • GoFundMe