Office Depot OfficeMax Donates Over $20k to Riverside Elementary

  • November 8, 2022


    On October 27, Riverside Elementary School was given $20,513 in store credit at Office Depot OfficeMax to buy classroom supplies and furniture. Office Depot OfficeMax donated the money as part of their Give Back to Schools fundraiser, which gives 5% of qualifying purchases to schools.


    Jessica Jeger, an Office Depot OfficeMax representative, explains that the companies annually raise money through customer and employee donations. The companies then select two school districts in South Carolina, and each district chooses one applicant school to receive the money. This was the second year in a row Horry County Schools was selected. Last year, Myrtle Beach Elementary was awarded the funds.


    “We do this to give back to our teachers,” Jeger says. “These are the people that are raising our future. They are teaching our future business leaders, and we want to support that as much as we can.”


    Riverside Elementary’s principal, Vicki Underwood, thanks Office Depot OfficeMax for the gift, saying, “it will definitely be utilized in a great way to enhance our engagement and enhance our instruction with our children.” 


    When asked how she decided what to spend the money on, Underwood said, “My instructional coach and I sat down and put packages together, knowing what the teachers would like to have for their students or in their classrooms. We put six packages together, and then we had a faculty meeting. Each teacher had a printout of all the packages, and they circled what package they wanted.”

  • While smaller items like pocket sheets and velcro dots were on the list of things teachers requested, some items were more expensive. Underwood says one thing they’re using the money to buy is “flex seating,” like yoga balls, “for those students who need a little movement.” 


    Kylie Shaw, a student at Riverside Elementary, says one of her teacher’s classrooms already has some flexible seating. “You can sit next to your friends, and you can talk, but it’s also more comfortable for you to learn instead of sitting down,” she says. However, another classroom doesn’t have those, and Shaw says students have to either sit down or stand up “because [the teacher] doesn’t want us falling out of our chairs and getting hurt” when they lean back in the chairs. 


    Shaw is excited about the donation and thinks her teachers will be happy to receive the items. She believes “it could make it a funner place for us to learn at school.”


    You can read more about OfficeMax Office Depot's Give Back to Schools fundraiser here.