• High School Graduation Requirements

    24 total credits, which must include:

    English/Language Arts 4 units

    Mathematics 4 units

    Science 3 units

    U.S. History and Constitution 1 unit

    Government and Economics 1 unit

    Additional Social Studies 1 unit Computer Science 1 unit

    Physical Education or JROTC 1 unit Foreign Language or CATE course 1 unit

    Electives 7 units


    South Carolina Four Year College Requirements

    In addition to high school graduation requirements listed above, students must also earn the credits below:

    *Mathematics must include: Alg. 1, Geometry, Alg. 2, 1 unit beyond Alg.2

    *Laboratory Science 3 units

    *Foreign Language 2 or 3 units (must be in the same language)

    *Fine Arts 1 unit

    **Students are encouraged to research institutional admission requirements in order to ensure they have the proper courses required for admission to the university of their choice. Typically this information can be located on the college or university’s website under the “Admissions” section.