• Seaside Elementary families!


    Our 2023 Seaside Stingray Fun Run fundraiser will kick off in just 3 weeks on 03/20/2023. Our goal is to raise $15,000 for Student and Staff Incentives and to strengthen our school community. 


    Key dates to remember: 

     ● REGISTRATION OPENS - 03/06/2023

          Register on MYBOOSTER.COM

     ● Seaside Stingray Fun Run Kick Off - 03/20/2023

     ● Event Day - 03/28/2023


    Donations will go toward supporting our school and can be given throughout the entire experience. There is no pressure to give, but we invite you to help our school by sharing our fundraiser with your family and friends! 


    Thank you for supporting Seaside Elementary through the Seaside Stingray Fun Run.