• Battle of the Books is a school and district competition each year. Students must read at least 3 (over the school year) of the year's selected 10 book titles to participate. In meetings, we will review the books, get to know each other, make some crafts and just celebrate reading. The school competition happens in March. Part of the school competition is individual and part of it requires for you to work as a team.

    In the 22-23 district competition, we are so proud to have made it to the semi-finals and then placed 3rd!

  • Each year, librarians across the district submit suggestions and 10 titles are chosen. We try to choose a variety of genres and book lengths. 

    Here are the book selections for the 22-23 year!

    Amari and the Night Brothers 

    Becoming Muhammad Ali

    Cleo Porter and Body Electric 

    Counting by 7s

    City Spies


    It Ain't So Awful, Falafel

    The Old Willis Place

    Clean Getaway


    In the Fall, we kick off the club with bookmarks with all the info about the club plus the list of titles and authors. The first thing to do once you decide to join the club is to memorize all the titles and authors!

    To decide the students who will compete on the district team, students must read 3 books and pass the quizzes with at least 70%. Students can re-take the quiz if needed and it is open-book. If we need to do a school competition, we will have an individual component and then some group competitions. The groups may do the district competition quiz format and/or complete puzzles that match the title, author (and possible first line of the book).