• Retirement Estimates and How to Apply Online

    Members of the traditional SCRS pension plan can submit their application directly to the South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA). The information listed below will help you set up a Member Access portal account where you can see retirement estimates and submit your application directly to PEBA.

    1. Setup your Member Access account with PEBA.  
      1. Instructional PDF
      2. Instructional Video (YouTube Video )

    2. Review your estimate and submit your application online.
      1. Managing your retirement account (PDF)
      2. Using Member Access in Retirement (PDF)
      3. How to create a retirement benefit estimate (YouTube Video)
      4. Understanding your benefit estimate (YouTube Video)  
      5. When should you apply for retirement (YouTube Video)  
      6. What you need to apply for retirement (YouTube Video)  
      7. How to apply for retirement (YouTube Video)  

    After submitting your application to retire, PEBA will verify your eligibility.  Once everything has been verified and you have made a final decision to retire, inform your supervisor that you need to complete an HCS resignation form. Submit the form directly to your supervisor.  They will review the form and forward it to human resources for final processing.


    Retiree Insurance Information 

    Eligibility to retire is not the same as eligibility to keep your health, dental, and vision coverage as a retiree.  PEBA is the only authority that can determine your retiree insurance eligibility.  Use the information below to review how PEBA determines eligibility.  

    1. Retiree Insurance Eligibility and Funding (PDF)
    2. Paying Retiree Group Insurance Premiums (PDF)  
    3. How Returning to Work Will Impact Your Insurance Benefits (PDF)  

    You can submit an employment verification request within six (6) months of your anticipated retirement date.  Due to processing time, we recommend you submit your request at least 45 days before your anticipated retirement date.  Once processed. PEBA will mail you an official letter detailing your eligibility to keep your coverage as well as the premium amounts.  

    1. Employment Verification Request (PDF)
      1. Traditional SCRS members should mail the EVF directly to: PEBA Retiree Insurance,  202 Arbor Lake Drive, Columbia, SC 29223
      2. Members of PEBA's Optional Retirment Plan should send the form to the HCS Payroll department via inter-office mail, fax to 843-488-6726, or email (without SSN) to payroll@horrycountyschools.net