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    Creating Your Account

    Visit https://myps.horrycountyschools.net/public to login or create an account in PowerSchool.

    After registering your children with Horry County Schools, you will be assigned an Access ID and Access Password for each child. Contact your school's data quality clerk if you need this information. 

    Logging on to PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal:

    The PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal is web-based and can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Compatible web browsers include Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal can be found at the following secured web address:



    The PowerSchool Parent Portal requires a unique username and password to access student information. Students will also have access to the Parent/Student portal. Each student will be assigned his/her own username and password.


    A parent/guardian or student can also view the cumulative grade for each course in which the student is currently enrolled. This view provides a summary detailing exactly where a student stands in each course area for the current semester. These are live grades as they exist in the teacher’s grade book. The grade in blue is a clickable link that, when clicked, will display the individual assignments that contribute to this grade. The teacher’s name, also in blue, is a clickable link to the teacher’s email.

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    PowerSchool District Code is FBNH