• The 22-23 book sold out! However, there could be one remaining copy, so contact the business office if interested and ask for Mrs. Wainscott or Mrs. Holloman. $75 

    Click HERE to order your 2023-2024 Yearbook  #10724 (our school number)

     $75  WE WILL SELL OUT!  Last day to purchase online is April 13th.

    Senior Ads: FEBRUARY 1st was the last day to place a senior ad. 

    You can create and pay for your ad at yearbookordercenter.com #10724.  

    PayPal is accepted, and payment installments are as well.  

    Full page - $250 Half page - $200 Quarter page - $100

    Once you create your ad, you will need to proof it for everything. Once submitted, the yearbook staff will place the ad on a page and submit the pages to the publisher by our deadline. Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to what you submit. We cannot guarantee which page your senior ad will be on. However, if you also purchase a business ad and would like your senior's ad to be with the business ad, we will make it work as best as possible. Full-page senior ads and business ads will appear on the same spread. 

    ALL SENIOR ADS MUST BE COMPLETE (designed and paid for) BY February 1. In order to receive the yearbook in time for the end of the year my staff must have all pages submitted to the publisher on time. Do not wait until the last minute because we might not be able to add pages, etc. Publishing is done in stages to ensure the books are delivered on time!

    UPLOADING/SUBMITTING MAGES: We want your images to look perfect! Please double-check that the image you upload is large enough in pixels. Images that come from Facebook or Instagram are often compressed and do not meet the standards of a quality image for print. The dpi should be 300 or more. Here is how to determine if your image is large enough to print correctly:

    On a Mac

    Right-click (or control-click) on an image.

    Select “Get Info.”

    Under the “More info” tab, look for Dimensions.

    You should see a number like “1024 x 768” (some number x some number). These numbers show the number of pixels in the image (width x height)

    On a PC

    Right-click on the image icon.

    Select “Properties.”

    Click the “Summary” or “Details” tab in the properties window.

    You’ll see values for the Width, Height, Horizontal Resolution and Vertical Resolution.



    You can create and pay for your ad at yearbookordercenter.com #10724. Or contact mholloman@horrycountyschools.net to help you with ad creation.

    February 29 is the last day to submit a business ad, and you may feature your senior.  

    Full Page Ad $500   Includes a free yearbook for you or a student in need.

    Half Page Ad $250

    Quarter Page Ad $125

    Business Card (⅛ page) $100

    PATRON’S PAGE For a donation of $25, $50 or $75 your business name will appear on our patron’s page and be listed on our social media with our gratitude.